Acetaia San Giacomo is a place strongly rooted in the territory. The barrels and our daily work are housed in the Corte Faragosa, a farmhouse in the Emilian countryside which has its origins in the mid-1500s.

2022 Harvest Report (PDF)


We formalized our mission during a lockdown in 2021. We then integrated it in 2022, celebrating 25 years since the first cooking of cooked must.

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Our group

We have only one priority, the mid-morning coffee break. It all starts from there.

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Why "San Giacomo"?

Via San Giacomo Maggiore in Cognento di Campagnola Emilia was the address where, thanks to the care of our parents, a small farm was born which, out of sheer passion, produced lambrusco and other products of the countryside.

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Our history, the name of our products, our vocabulary. Everything recalls the Tradition.

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Guided tours

You are always welcome, preferably by appointment to be able to dedicate the right time to you.

Contact us by email or by calling office hours (8-12 / 13-17).

Beware though, it is not a museum. It is a workplace and, as such, it is lived and lived to the fullest. We like it like this, rustic and "suffered". We hope you like it too.

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About us

In our story we have had the pleasure and honor of being told in magazines, newspapers, television and radio broadcasts.

It is difficult to report them all, especially due to the speed with which information and resources are "ground up" on a daily basis. We put a few here.

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