"There are companies that don't work just for profit" (Fausto Taiten Guareschi).

Stating, as we have done from the beginning, writing it in our price lists, that "There are companies that do not work only for profit", may be incomprehensible.

However, it is no coincidence that today we talk about rethinking the purposes of companies through the concept of "Net Positive".

Yet our starting point has always been this.

Profit as a tool, not as an end of the activity. Of an activity which is therefore only instrumentally "economic" while its primary purpose is cultural , conveying one or more thoughts , an expression of values , which are the basis of our Mission.

Since this is our real activity, already in 2017 we were part of a project of the Emilia Romagna Region which selected a series of model companies according to Social Corporate Responsibility criteria.

During a lockdown in 2021, we put our Mission on paper.

It was generated following the principles of Ari Weinzweig (Writing a Vision of Greatness).

The mission, signed in original by all members of the working group, is available to anyone who wishes to consult it in the Acetaia.

From 2022, in addition to " Internal " values ​​and cultures, the fact of having a positive impact on the territory (therefore external to the company) has been added.

We are waiting for you to see our Mission together and how, starting from the 2022 harvest, we have made an effort to put the new "thinking" into practice with a positive impact on local farmers.

Request the 2022 harvest report.

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Acetaia San Giacomo is also a physical place that can be visited: its headquarters are in the center of the green Emilian plain.
Come visit! We will offer you a glass of Lambrusco and you will be able to personally verify the passion we put into our work.

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