Acetaia San Giacomo was born in Cognento di Campagnola Emilia.

Why “San Giacomo”?

Via San Giacomo Maggiore in Cognento di Campagnola Emilia was the address where, thanks to the care of our parents, a small agricultural company was born which, out of pure passion, produced Lambrusco and other products from the countryside.
In the barn of that house there were already batteries started by those who had come before the family, since it was a common custom in these parts to make a little Balsamic in your attic, for future generations.

In their time it certainly cannot be said that there was a single, certain and consolidated way of making the precious condiment; each family had its own customs, techniques and perhaps actual private recipes.

A product so fascinating that the batteries have increased over the years, and in via San Giacomo Maggiore you began to smell the enveloping scent of cooked must in autumn and the inebriating aroma of Balsamic vinegar maturing during the summer.

In '94 the natural succession of the vinegar factory, due to the passing away of the head of the family, the transition that allows the tradition to continue.

Tradition , as the essence of Balsamic Vinegar and as a term that distinguishes it from the industrial one, has a profound meaning: that of " delivery ", " transmission ".

Cristian was already managing the Bar Roma in the square in Novellara, Andrea was studying law in Modena.

During those years at the end of the century, the possibility arose of "opening the VAT number" to sell the product in excess of that used by the family.

At that time the Acetaia already had 110 small barrels for the Traditional and about ten larger barrels for the seasoning.

We will never stop thanking the customers who, little by little, appreciated and gave continuity to our work done in their spare time and not without a good dose of "courage" , considering that we still fondly remember when we sent the product in boxes taken on Thursdays morning by those who left from the weekly market of Novellara. To deliver Traditional Balsamic Vinegar in Chiquita Cartons, you really have to believe in it.

After completing his studies in 2001, Andrea decided to make it his main activity.

After a few years, the vinegar factory needed new spaces, for this reason, after a long rest in the countryside of Cognento, the complex of barrels was moved to Novellara, in the spacious barn of the Corte Faragosa ; not before a long 3-year cure that brought this large farmhouse back to being able to host, after decades of abandonment, a lively and pulsating business.

On November 16, 2005 we inaugurated our new-old headquarters, for us it was a natural - undoubtedly risky - choice to invest mainly in a place that fully represented our mission. That of respect for Time and the times of nature, of the agricultural culture from which we come. Instead of moving to a warehouse, which is certainly cheaper and more functional, we chose the Corte Faragosa which still annually hosts curious travelers from all over the world.

The vinegar factory is also the teaching center of the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo.

Other insights

Acetaia San Giacomo is also a physical place that can be visited: its headquarters are in the center of the green Emilian plain.
Come visit! We will offer you a glass of Lambrusco and you will be able to personally verify the passion we put into our work.

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